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Karen Smith
Executive Director

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February Topic of the Month … Money & Marriage

Finances are an important part of every relationship, and it's especially true for those who share a household, rely on each other for income, or have joint debts. It is said that money issues account for 22% of divorces. But, what about the impact of the everyday stress? How does a couple handle having different ideas of spending vs. saving? At what point in a relationship should finances be discussed?

These are all valid questions, so this month we are going to focus our consumer tips and resources on just that: Money & Marriage. It is part of our broader quarterly topic of Love & Money. Last month we discussed Talking Money with Kids and in March we will cover financial planning with parents. Feel free to send us any of your own resources or favorite stories.

Visit the MCUCD website throughout the month of February, as we look at the role money plays in marriages -- before, during, and after relationships.  

We also have regular consumer information on the topic of the month on our Facebook and Twitter feeds. Feel free to share them with your own audiences.






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