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Karen Smith
Executive Director

Current Consumer Topic -- what if your loan is sold?
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June Topic of the Month … What If?

There's nothing harder to plan for than unexpected events that impact your life and finances. Yet the loss of a job, the death of a loved one, an illness or other unexpected occurrences happen at one point or another in most of our lives. The key to successfully surviving these life-changing events from a financial perspective is to anticipate hard times. Shore up your financial situation before you are hit with an unexpected expense, so you will be covered in the event something happens.

This month, we will identify a few loan "What Ifs." We’ll touch on questions such as … 

  • What if you miss a payment?
  • What if your loan is sold to another investor?
  • What if you get a better offer?
  • What if you lose your job?

Visit our website throughout the month of June, and use our Resource List as we address some of your ‘what if’ questions. We also have regular consumer information on the topic of the month on our Facebook and Twitter feeds. Feel free to share them with your own audiences.


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