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Karen Smith
Executive Director

Current Consumer Topic -- Budgeting for Senior Year of High School
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July Topic of the Month … Heading Back to School

Whether you are gearing up to buy supplies for your kids to head back to their K-12 school, sending your recent high school graduate off to college or trade school, or you’ve decided to finish or pursue a new degree, there’s many things to take into consideration.

This month, we will highlight all aspects of what it means to head back to school. We’ll touch on topics such as …

  • Getting ready to head back to the classroom on a budget
  • Managing credit cards, student debt, and financial aid
  • Does it pay for non-traditional students to go back to school

Visit our website throughout the month of July, and use our Resource List as we address these topics. We also have regular consumer information on the topic of the month on our Facebook and Twitter feeds. Feel free to share them with your own audiences.


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