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Money & Marriage: Before You Tie the Knot

Along with ordering flowers and choosing a photographer for the big day, couples planning weddings should take time to do financial planning. Talking with your partner about finances is an important step in your future and financial "To Do's" should be a priority.

Review Your Current Situation

Your big day is very exciting, and there much to plan. Finding out that a partner has debt you didn't know about or spending habits that go well beyond your household income can be barriers to a successful financial future. Experts recommend that couples be honest with each other and plan for their combined finances.

Planning for Your Future

So, where do you start and who is going to do what after your wedding? Whether it is 5 Financial Conversations to Have Before You Get Married or the Six Financial Mistakes Couples Make, many resources are readily available to help you out. The New York Times article Money Talks to Have Before Marriage also suggests these areas of discussion for engaged couples:

  • Ancestry
  • Credit
  • Control
  • Affluence

We wish all couples financial success and suggest you visit your local credit union for help with financial tools in your new life together. Find more links in our monthly resource list as we continue our Love & Money series with discussions on marital finances in February. 


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