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Topic of the Month

Home for the Holidays

November is a month of reflection for many of us. It is when we gather with loved ones and are grateful for often overlooked areas in our life. For some, a roof over one’s head can be a blessing that often gets taken for granted. For others, having an affordable and safe home can be a constant financial struggle.

The good news is there are many organizations, cities, counties, and lenders in Montana who are working to help make home ownership a reality. Additionally, there are organizations across the state that help advocate for safe and affordable housing for renters.

One of these organizations is NeighborWorks Montana, whose mission is to create opportunities for families and individuals to live in affordable homes in strong communities. NeigbhorWorks MT believes that home is the bedrock of success and healthy habits take root more easily in stable, affordable homes.

  • The HOME Program available through NeighborWorks MT provides loans between $2,500 and $25,000 to help fill the gap between the total financing needed and the amount the primary mortgage lender is willing to lend. These loans are available to households with income at or below 80% of the county median income, based on family size. Borrowers must be first-time home buyers, a single parent with dependent children in the household or a household with a disabled individual.

In addition to conventional mortgages, below are some of the types of financial products most commonly used by home buyers in Montana:

Your home is so much more than an asset, an investment, a lease agreement, or a roof. It is where you gather with your loved ones, stay warm through the winter, and make memories with your family. Throughout the month of November, we will be taking a closer look at housing options. Whether you are considering buying your first home, struggling to make payments on a current home, or looking for affordable rentals for your family, we will supply resources to help you find your ‘home.’

Additional Resources

Montana Board of Housing: Montana Board of Housing's public purpose is to provide decent, safe, sanitary and affordable housing for lower income individuals and families in the State of Montana.

Montana Coalition for Housing and Infrastructure: McHI is working to create and preserve housing throughout Montana promoting housing and infrastructure development policies, forging alliances that recruit housing resources and development, and attracting investment for infrastructure and housing.

Keep My Montana Home: This project helps Montanans facing foreclosure, or struggling to make house payments, that have a mortgage serviced by the banks involved in the settlement.

Montana Law Help: This information website, with a section dedicated to housing, is designed to help low-income individuals solve legal problems.


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