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There are many ways you can get involved with the consumer resource center. Each person that signs up for the mailing list will get a monthly email with the topic of the month package. Each outreach package includes an article on the topic, a shortened sample newsletter article for your own publications, a poster, resource guide, and a featured resource that corresponds with the poster. 

Here are just a few ways you can participate: 

  • Host a physical display in your lobby using the outreach package
  • Link to our monthly topic through your social media accounts
  • Forward the CRC outreach package to your listservs
  • Visit the website for presentation materials and resources to train your staff 
  • Send your staff through financial coaching and counseling training
  • Direct your members/clients to the resource library 
  • Participate in monthly webinars on the topic of the month
  • Volunteer to facilitate a financial education workshop in your area

Whatever you level of commitment, we would love for you to join our efforts and will find ways for you to help. Financial empowerment is a huge undertaking that takes many different on-going angles to be the most successful and sustainable. 

Alana Listoe portraitHome ownership isn’t for everyone


It’s often said that the American Dream is being a homeowner, but for many, the most financially sound choice is renting. That decision should be applauded, because all too often Americans are living beyond their means or without decisions based on individual facts and figures.

There are considerations and emotions that deeply impact the end result of taking on a mortgage. The closing costs (between 2 and 5 percent of the purchase price) are just fees charged by others; while negotiating that the sellers cover this expense is common, it’s certainly not a guarantee. Taxes and insurance significantly impact the monthly cost and there’s no getting around it. No matter what, being a homeowner means shouldering the maintenance. That’s not a deterrent for those with handyman skills, but acquiring materials still impacts the checkbook and time.

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