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Monthly Outreach Packages

Browse through the archived outreach packages to share with your members and community. Each package contains the the topic, a poster for the display, a featured resource for the display, a newsletter article on the topic, and a resource guide.

November 2014 Home for the Holidays

October 2014 Breaking the Debt Cycle

September 2014 Financially Savvy Women

August 2014 Managing Student Loan Debt

July 2014 Military Family Finances

June 2014 Financial Elder Abuse

May 2014 Money Conversations

April 2014 Financial Literacy Month

March 2014 Consumer Protection

February 2014 Growing Your Savings

January 2014 Income Tax Basics

Alana Listoe portraitHome ownership isn’t for everyone


It’s often said that the American Dream is being a homeowner, but for many, the most financially sound choice is renting. That decision should be applauded, because all too often Americans are living beyond their means or without decisions based on individual facts and figures.

There are considerations and emotions that deeply impact the end result of taking on a mortgage. The closing costs (between 2 and 5 percent of the purchase price) are just fees charged by others; while negotiating that the sellers cover this expense is common, it’s certainly not a guarantee. Taxes and insurance significantly impact the monthly cost and there’s no getting around it. No matter what, being a homeowner means shouldering the maintenance. That’s not a deterrent for those with handyman skills, but acquiring materials still impacts the checkbook and time.

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Additional resources

Check out free housing resources on Montana Law Help.

Considering buying a home? Check out the CFPB's Know Before You Owe tips.

Check out the Keep My Montana Home program, if you are struggling to make your mortgage payments.

The mission of NeigborWorks Montana is to create opportunities for families and individuals to live in affordable homes in strong communities.


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