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Monthly Outreach Packages

Browse through the archived outreach packages to share with your members and community. Each package contains the the topic, a poster for the display, a featured resource for the display, a newsletter article on the topic, and a resource guide.

October 2015 Protect Your Identity and Privacy

September 2015 Work and Money

August 2015 Back-to-School

July 2015 Travel Safe, Travel Smart

June 2015 Financial Elder Abuse

May 2015 Saving for Retirement 

April 2015 Financial Capability for YOUR Life

March 2015 Fraud and Scam Prevention

February 2015 Emergency Savings Account

January 2015 Taxes and the ACA

December 2014 'Tis the Season for Thrift

November 2014 Home for the Holidays

October 2014 Breaking the Debt Cycle

September 2014 Financially Savvy Women

August 2014 Managing Student Loan Debt

July 2014 Military Family Finances

June 2014 Financial Elder Abuse

May 2014 Money Conversations

April 2014 Financial Literacy Month

March 2014 Consumer Protection

February 2014 Growing Your Savings

January 2014 Income Tax Basics

Alana Listoe portraitelder abuse is more prevalent than we think


Many people lobby for laws that protect senior citizens from financial exploitation, and they should. Organizations like Big Sky Senior Services, the Office of Consumer Protection, and AARP are champions in providing awareness and teaching prevention across Montana. Likewise, Montana’s credit unions are equally engaged and have worked closely with the state legislature to create new laws protecting seniors. Credit union lobbyist Donya Parrish provided testimony in committees and worked with other interested parties to ensure new legislation incorporated the perspective of financial institutions interested in reporting abuse, made it easier for prosecutors to prove fraud against senior citizens, and added a penalty when the victim is over 60.

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Additional resources

Check out the FTC’s guide on protecting your identity this tax season!

Did you know that you can sign up for scam alerts with the Montana Office of Consumer Protection?

If you or someone you know has been a victim of fraud you can file a complaint here.

The Federal Trade Commission’s mission is to protect your consumer’s right.

Are you a victim of identity theft? Take Charge today!


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