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Consumer Topic of the Month -- Understanding Credit Cards
Consumer Tip of the Week -- use Credit Cards Wisely
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Monthly Outreach Packages

Browse through the archived outreach packages to share with your members and community. Each package contains the the topic, a poster for the display, a featured resource for the display, a newsletter article on the topic, and a resource guide.

November 2015 Understanding Credit Cards

October 2015 Protect Your Identity and Privacy

September 2015 Work and Money

August 2015 Back-to-School

July 2015 Travel Safe, Travel Smart

June 2015 Financial Elder Abuse

May 2015 Saving for Retirement 

April 2015 Financial Capability for YOUR Life

March 2015 Fraud and Scam Prevention

February 2015 Emergency Savings Account

January 2015 Taxes and the ACA

December 2014 'Tis the Season for Thrift

November 2014 Home for the Holidays

October 2014 Breaking the Debt Cycle

September 2014 Financially Savvy Women

August 2014 Managing Student Loan Debt

July 2014 Military Family Finances

June 2014 Financial Elder Abuse

May 2014 Money Conversations

April 2014 Financial Literacy Month

March 2014 Consumer Protection

February 2014 Growing Your Savings

January 2014 Income Tax Basics

Using Your Credit Cards Wisely

In addition to deciding a credit card is the right financial tool for you (and successfully applying for one, it is also important to understand how to use it wisely. Misuse of a credit card can impact your credit score negatively and could have long-term consequences for employment, housing options, or loans you apply for. Whether it is your first card or one you've had for a while, this list gives 13 tips to use it wisely and build great credit card habits for life.

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