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Host a VITa Site

While most of our sites are hosted through our network of credit unions, VITA sites are all over the country at community centers, libraries, churches, and other convenient locations. We are always looking for new partnerships and ways to expand the program, whether that is by new seasonal sites or central locations in communities for weekend clinics.

 Interested? Here are the basics...

  • MCUCD will assist the credit union in recruiting volunteers, by coordinating orders for statement stuffers, posters, PSAs and newsletter articles. 
  • MCUCD will train volunteers to provide tax assistance and run the VITA site.  The volunteer does not need to be a credit union employee, member, or board member, although we encourage their participation. 
  • MCUCD will provide necessary training to staff so they feel confident in responding to questions prior to the tax season.
  • MCUCD will provide marketing assistance to the credit union to help get the word out about the VITA service by providing camera-ready flyers, statement stuffers, newspaper ads, etc.
  • MCUCD staff and volunteers provide extensive support to volunteers at credit union sponsored VITA sites and are available before, during, and after tax season.
  • MCUCD will prepare a final report for you after tax season to share with your board.
  • The hours that the VITA site will be open are dependent on the schedule of volunteers and any site-specific scheduling needs. VITA sites open nationally at the beginning of February and operate until the middle of April.
  • The credit union will designate a site coordinator to answer questions from the public on the VITA site and provide information on what the client needs to bring when filing their taxes. The site coordinator (or his/her designee) will take the appointments, notify the volunteers of their weekly schedule, answer questions from the public and/or the media, and make reminder calls to tax clients the day before their appointment.
  • The credit union will need to actively recruit for a volunteer. A VITA volunteer should be formally committed to volunteer at the VITA site by December 31. If there is no volunteer in place, we will not open the VITA site for the tax season.
  • The credit union will need to provide internet access, a computer, and a printer. MCUCD does have a limited amount of laptops and printers, so if equipment is an issue we can provide them for your VITA site.
  • The credit union will commit to preparing a minimum of 50 returns at the VITA site to ensure eligibility from the IRS to participate the following tax season. This caveat also ensures that MCUCD meets our grant obligations.

We’re pleased you’re interested in hosting a VITA site. Please contact Carin McClain, VITA Program Manager for more information!


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